About Me

About Me is such a complex page to write. It seems that I can talk about everything except myself. However, this page “must” be about me, so here we go.

I am a 64 years old woman born with a wandering soul. No, this is not an intro to a dating profile, but the basics are similar. I have traveled more than most, but not as much a some. The important thing is that I started this blog to document all my future and some of my past travels. 

You see, I am getting ready to retire in a less than nine months, and I want other older people to see that travel is fun and can be the adventure of a lifetime. I love to eat new foods, meet new people and see new places. Doesn’t everyone?

I’ve been living in my 2016 Ford 250 Transit cargo van that I built into a cozy home for the last four and a half years. See Van Life for more info on how that started. Living in a van is a lot of fun, and I plan to continue to do it when in the USA. If you’ve thought about living in a van, this is an excellent place to start gathering info. 

Come along on my new adventures and check out some from my past. I haven’t even started logging them all, so check back now and then for bold new stories from the past and help me with my plans by telling me more about what you want to know. 

Important Note - 
I value all people and perspectives, but please be kind to the author (me) and each other. There is far too little kindness these days. So, if you don’t like what I do and say here, just move on. We will both be better for it.