Resort Living in My Van

The big push to sell everything and create order out of the chaos is over, and I’m at my new home for the next two months. This is Casper’s new parking place (You can see Pepe, my e-bike, in the background).

And this is my new parking place.

Pool at the resort

I have to admit that I still don’t really believe I’m here and retired. This is like my pre-travel halfway house. I had to cut my two months in Arizona short to take care of stuff at home, so this will be my adjustment period while I settle into my life of freedom and adventure.

Yes, I am still leaving for Puerto Vallarta on May 1st, but I’m trying hard to live in the now. Having the time to workout, ride my bike, and meditate will make that easier…I hope. I am a planner, and that makes it hard to stay in the now. Hey, I’m a work in progress.

Casper The Cave Van

My van home is so cool. I love having my home with me everywhere I go. I can fix a snack, take a nap, work on my websites, or just watch a movie all in my wheeled girl cave.  

I love the oceans, and parking by a beach with my doors open while I go through my day is so awesome. It’s like having a beach house on every beach in the country. There are so many beautiful places to park it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite. I do have a few on the West Coast; I haven’t had Casper on the East Coast yet. 

The solar panels and batteries give me plenty of power to work all day long.  Once the sun goes down, I’m a little more careful. There's still plenty of power for lights and charging electronics, but I always try not to let the batteries get too low. 

If you’ve ever wanted a place to just enjoy and get away from the day to day chores, a converted van might well be your answer. The cost is realitively low, and as long as you have a flexible mind, you can be comfy and enjoy life everywhere. I love camping all the time and not having to pack and unpack every time is a very big bonus. So comfy and cozy.